VIP Concierge Services

At ANANDA Medical, we understand that every patient is unique with different needs.  We take a personalized approach to medicine when assisting patients with medical cannabis. We have experience working with thousands of patients in states with medical cannabis programs and patients in states where only CBD is legal.  We realize that many patients and doctors in Maryland have questions about the certification process, product options, and dosing. The feedback and anecdotal reports from patients, opinions of physician experts, and clinical research from the medical community inform our protocols.

Our patient services team is happy to assist you with the following services:

* Speaking to your physician, nurse practitioner, podiatrist or dentist about medical cannabis and the certification process

* Finding a new medical provider to assist you with the medical cannabis recommendation

* Finding a convenient medical cannabis dispensary that offers optimal cannabis products to suit your needs

* Deciding what cannabis brands, strains, and administrative methods are optimal for you

* Providing guidance on cannabis consumption and different ancillary products (vaporizers, water pipes, tinctures…)

* Customizing dosing protocols for patients who are new to cannabis or concerned about negative side effects and adverse events

* Consulting with our partner pharmacists to share details about drug to drug interactions

* Offering general advice and guidance to help answer all your questions

We know there is still a stigma associated with cannabis and that you may not feel comfortable discussing this with your friends or family.  We work with a network of compassionate medical professionals and non-profit organizations so we can provide the most relevant and accurate resources and guidance to our concierge patients.

If you are interested in joining our patient concierge VIP program, please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.