Why an Illinois medical marijuana doctor is closing his clinics

‘The business model has not lived up to forecast’: Dr. Bobo Schneider has denied all allegations made by the state


CARBONDALE, Ill. — A doctor involved in an ongoing battle with the state over his certification of patients in the Illinois medical marijuana program is planning to close his clinics in Marion and Orland Park.

Dr. Bodo Schneider announced Tuesday that he’ll close both locations of the Pied Pfeifer Compassionate Care Clinic on Feb. 17, The Southern Illinoisan reported.

Schneider said in a statement that “the business model has not lived up to forecast.”

Schneider announced that he intends to return to emergency medicine and offered an apology to his patients for any inconvenience the closure causes.

Clinics will be held twice a year at both locations to maintain compliance with the state’s rules and regulations for the participants of the program that were certified for the Illinois medical marijuana pilot program.

“Helping the cannabis community get off the ground and the success that our patients have achieved has been especially rewarding,” said Schneider in his statement.

Schneider has been involved in an ongoing battle over his practice with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, which issues licenses to and oversees numerous professionals including medical doctors.

In 2015, the state filed complaints alleging Schneider inappropriately certified patients for the state’s medical marijuana pilot program, which began in late 2014, and inappropriately prescribed opioid pain medications.

Schneider has denied all allegations made by the state.

A hearing is scheduled for March 7 in Chicago.


Source: The Cannabist