Other Healthcare Providers

If you are a licensed Maryland NP, DMD, DPM, or CNM you will soon be able to recommend medical cannabis to your patients with debilitating conditions

Physicians are not the only medical professionals who can recommend cannabis in Maryland.  In May of 2016, a law was enacted to authorize dentists, podiatrists, nurse midwives and nurse practitioners to issue written certifications for medical cannabis.   However, the law has a delayed effective date of June 1, 2017, so until then only physicians can register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.  The Commission will likely have a similar registration process for the additional authorized providers on its website when we get closer to the June 1, 2017, date.

If you are an NP, CNM, DMD, or DPM, and interested in learning more about medical cannabis, please contact us.  We have a variety of educational resources and options for you to obtain accredited continuing medical education credits and learn about the endocannabinoid system.