Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals interested in the Medical Cannabis Program should keep in mind:

  • A law was passed in Maryland so physicians can now recommend medical cannabis to patients who have debilitating illnesses.
  • As a licensed physician, NP, CNM, DPM, DMD, in Maryland, you are a “gatekeeper” to this medical option.
  • ANANDA Medical can help you learn more about the Maryland medical cannabis program participation requirements and the risks and therapeutic benefits associated with medical cannabis.
  • Cannabis is a schedule 1 drug so it is not a prescription. Thus, you do not need to specify a strain, dose, or administrative method.
  • If you want to recommend medical cannabis to your patients, first, you must register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC)
  • Physicians can register with the MMCC anytime.
  • NPs, CNMs, DPDs, DMDs, will be able to register once the new law is effective in June 2017.
  • If you do not want to register but need physician referral options, please contact us.
  • If you want legal advice, we can connect you with attorneys at Offit Kurman who are located in Maryland and specialize in medical cannabis law.

How to quickly register with the Commission:

  1. Go to the MMCC website and click on the physician tab
  2. Apply by entering your physician information on the MMCC website
  3. If the MMCC approves your application, then you are eligible to certify patients to receive medical cannabis.
  4. In order to certify a patient, you must first evaluate the patient to determine whether medical cannabis can help.
  5. If your opinion is that cannabis may benefit a patient, then you can write a certification which enables the patient to enter dispensaries and purchase cannabis.
  6. Follow up with each patient for whom you have recommended medical cannabis to ensure it is positively impacting the condition.

 For those interested in reading specifics from the Maryland law click here: